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Weight management

A growing number of consumers are taking a more holistic approach to losing or maintaining weight.
They would rather rely on wholesome, trust-worthy ingredients than fad diets, expensive programs or “miracle” pills.
As people adapt their diets to lose weight, they might be at the risk of nutrient deficiencies and feel a decrease in their energy levels.


Adequate nutrition and supplementation will provide key nutrients and support successful weight loss.

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Lynside® ProteYn

Containing all essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids, Lynside® ProteYn is a complete protein source perfect for people looking at enhancing their protein intake with non-animal protein sources. It is also non-GMO, allergen-free (gluten, dairy and soy-free) and free from anti-nutritional factors.

Lynside® Nutri

Lynside® NUTRI is a range of non-fortified yeasts rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Compared to other protein sources, Lynside® Nutri offers considerably higher levels of B vitamins, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium, making them a great natural nutritional partner for anyone who has the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as individuals with special needs (vegans, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.).

Lynside® Forte B

Lynside® Forte B is an inactive dried yeast enriched in vitamins to achieve the B complex formula of 8 essential B vitamins. B vitamins are proven to helps the body use the macronutrients in food as fuel to release energy, and it is also essential to a healthy nervous system.

Lynside® Forte Cr

Lynside® Forte Cr 2000 is a nutritional yeast enriched in highly bioavailable chromium, which has proven to influence metabolism and to support weight management. This chromium-fortified yeast contains a minimum of 2 000-2 400 µg/g of the mineral as well as protein, vitamins, minerals and fibers, naturally present in nutritional yeasts.

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