Quatreflora™ Pharma

quatreflora pharma

Quatreflora™ Pharma is adapted for:
Health Market

Women’s health 

Possible application:
Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products

Innovative natural solution

for vaginal health !

Revolutionary ingredient Quatreflora™ Pharma is a specific dried yeast (patented and proprietary strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856) specifically designed for vaginal application. It has proven its ability to fight pathogenic yeast Candida albicans, prominent cause of vaginal infections in recent peer-reviewed studies.


It has a demonstrated mechanism of action with proven efficacy to:
 bind C. albicans and induce its coaggregation
• accelerate pathogen clearance
• form a barrier to protect the vaginal epithelium


Quatreflora™ Pharma’s action is 100% mechanical and therefore suitable for medical devices according to new European regulation stating that no probiotic will be authorized in medical device formulation starting in 2020.


It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is certified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for use in OTC and prescription drugs.

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