Lynside® Forte B

Lynside® Forte B is adapted for:
Health, Nutrition and Personal Care markets

Day-to-day Nutrition, Sport Nutrition, Cognition, Women’s Health

Possible application:
Dietary / Food Supplements ; Vegan / Vegetarian

The power of B-complex 

vitamin yeast ingredients

Lynside® Forte B is an inactive dried yeast enriched in vitamins to achieve the B complex formula of 8 essential B vitamins.


B vitamins are proven to helps the body use the macronutrients in food as fuel to release energy, and it is also essential to a healthy nervous system. The main targets with a risk of vitamin B deficiency are:


• Ederly and Athletes : may need to supplement their intake due to problems of absorption and increased need for energy production


• Pregnant women : need folic acid (B9)


• Vegetarians: present higher risk of developing clinical symptoms related to vitamin B12 deficiency.

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