Mineral-fortified yeast

Lesaffre Human Care also produces yeasts fortified with specific levels of minerals.


They all start with a pure culture of non-GMO Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is cultivated, concentrated and pasteurized.


The addition of specific minerals to the inactivated nutritional yeast cream occurs prior to drying
in order to achieve specific concentrations and yield a more homogeneous and cost-effective product.

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Lynside® Forte Zn

Lynside® Forte Zn is inactive dried yeast to which highly bioavailable zinc is added. It contains all the key nutrients delivered by standard nutritional yeasts as well as a minimum of 100 000-120 000 µg/g of zinc, mineral proven to have a positive effect on many bodily functions such as fertility, immune and cognitive health, etc.

Lynside® Forte Cr

Lynside® Forte Cr is a nutritional yeast enriched in highly bioavailable chromium, which has proven to influence metabolism and to support weight management. This chromium-fortified yeast contains a minimum of 2 000-2 400 µg/g of the mineral as well as protein, vitamins, minerals and fibers, naturally present in nutritional yeasts.

Lynside® Forte Cu

Lynside® Forte Cu is an inactive dried yeast enriched in highly bioavailable copper. Besides the key naturally-occurring nutrients present in nutritional yeasts, it contains a minimum of 50 000-60 000 µg/g of copper, mineral of importance in many critical physiological processes, such as the normal function of the nervous system, immune health, etc.

Lynside® Forte Mo

Lynside® Forte Mo is inactive dried yeast to which highly bioavailable molybdenum was added after fermentation. Other than the wealth of nutrients coming from the nutritional yeast itself, it provides a minimum of 2 000-2 400 µg/g of molybdenum, mineral that acts as an antioxidant and may contribute to amino acid metabolism.

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