Lynside® ProteYn - Homemade Recipes • Lesaffre Human Care
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Lynside® ProteYn – Homemade Recipes

Lynside® ProteYn is adapted for:
Nutrition Market

Day-to-day Nutrition, Vegan, Protein Enrichment, Sport Nutrition,
Weight Management, Senior Nutrition

Possible application:
Functional Foods

Lynside® ProteYn
Banana Cranberry and Oats muffins

Lynside® ProteYn
Cauliflower and mimolette soup

Lynside® ProteYn
Crumb-topped Apple pies

Lynside® ProteYn
Exotic smoothie

Lynside® ProteYn
Fluffy pancake

Lynside® ProteYn
French toasts

Lynside® ProteYn
Red fruits smoothie

Lynside® ProteYn
Spiced sugar cookies

Lynside® ProteYn
Sunny savory muffins

Lynside® ProteYn
Winter salad

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