About us - Lesaffre Human Care
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About us


Substantiated fermentative ingredients & solutions for global human health,
nutrition and personal care industries

Lesaffre Human Care is a business unit of Lesaffre Group with the mission to develop and supply ingredients from yeast and bacteria fermentation to the global human care industries.


With the support of the company’s unique know-how as well as more than 160 years of experience in biotechnology and yeast research and manufacturing, Lesaffre Human Care offers ingredients and solutions with scientifically proven efficacy to the nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and functional foods industry.


From nutritional and fortified yeasts to yeasts fractions, probiotic yeasts and bacteria, or pure molecules from fermentation, Lesaffre Human Care has solutions for a wide range of applications such as digestive health, immunity enhancement, women’s health, joints and liver health, mood management, vegetarian support, overall wellbeing and personal care.

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