Beneficial Microbes

Yeasts and bacteria, strong health allies !

Yeasts and bacteria can have a very positive effect on the human body on many levels, from digestive to immune health and more.
However sometimes we tend to forget about all their health benefits as instead, we are often reminded of the dangers of pathogenic yeasts and bacteria.
There is in fact a line to be drawn between good and bad yeasts or good and bad bacteria, the good ones playing an important part in helping us stay well and live a healthy life.

Lesaffre Human Care focus their work

on good yeasts and bacteria.

These microorganisms are indeed naturally present in our lives and it only makes sense
to realize their full potential in offering sought-after health benefits such as :


• supporting day-to-day nutrition and vegan lifestyles
• enhancing overall wellbeing
• easing abdominal pain and discomfort
• fighting Candida albicans infections
• managing diarrhea
• boosting the immune system
• and more…

Discover the benefits of Yeasts and Bacteria